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“Launch of the Findomestic & Friends LGBT+ Community in Italy to promote an inclusive work environment where everyone is free to assert themselves as they are”

In February 2021, the Findomestic & Friends LGBT+ Community was born in ItalyIt promotes an inclusive environment where everyone is free to assert their sexual and emotional orientations, identity and gender without fear of prejudice. Two founders of the Community : Simona Piva, HR Project Manager and Diversity Officer & People Care at Findomestic, and Luciana La Spada, ACE Leader at Findomestic, tell us more about this great initiative.

The aim of this Community is to bring together and raise awareness, of the LGBT+ world and its struggles. This community is open to anyone who wants to join and who feels concerned with the topic. It involves meetings with the other members, sharing ideas, participating to group reflections, and to events to share in real life with others…

Indeed, the first official Community event takes place today, on 17th May 2021 in Florence, Italy! This day is very special and hasn’t been chosen randomly because it’s the World Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

The challenge behind this Community is also to create a safe and inclusive work environment for all Findomestic employees, in all the diversity that characterizes them. This engagement is consistent with BNP Paribas Personal Finance’s commitment to inclusiveness and the pursuit of a positive impact on society. This position of the company is symbolized by the #positiveimpactstartswithyou.

"I am really proud of the creation of Findomestic & Friends LGBT +, a Community in which I believe very much! It was born with the aim of breaking down the barriers of fear, mistrust, prejudice which unfortunately is still present. The enthusiasm with Findomestic & Friends LGBT+ was welcomed by colleagues makes us understand that we are on the right path. I hope that the Community can welcome more and more supporters and colleagues who want to play an active role in guaranteeing an open and inclusive work environment for all."Simona Piva

It is an innovative and meaningful project, which will undoubtedly inspire other BNP Paribas Personal Finance entities around the world and will make it possible to take another step in favor of a better society.

"The wish I make to the Community is to be able to welcome all those who are unable to live their emotional and sexual orientation with serenity within our company and to work together to break down fears and prejudices. I hope that the Community, through the ever wider dissemination of the immense value of inclusion and non-discrimination, can give a voice to those who have no voice today." Simona Piva

Through sensitization events, the celebration of very important dates for the LGBT world (World Day against homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, Pride, Coming Out…), meetings, but above all through dialogue, we can contribute, all together, to the creation of a work environment in which all diversities are valued and not discriminated against.

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