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Our partners

As a financial services expert with knowledge of consumer expectations, BNP Paribas Personal Finance helps our partners increase sales by providing support as they roll out their range of financial services.

Our sectors of activities

In the 30 countries in which we work, we are partners of major retailers, e-commerce, home equipment, personal equipment and leisure activities, as well as major mobility players, car manufacturers and dealers, but also insurance banks.

Working together to develop lasting partnerships

The solutions we develop for and with our partners are designed with their business models in mind: branded or white-label development, taking over an existing business or establishing a banking partnership.
We leverage digital innovation to provide a simple, user-friendly customer experience backed by our expert teams for excellent customer service, now and in the years to come. At BNP Paribas Personal Finance we are expanding our customer satisfaction program for our international business lines.

Putting customer capital first

BNP Paribas Personal Finance interprets and anticipates the latest innovations, market trends and consumer habits to better guide our partners and help them develop strategies that put customers first.
This strategy involves actively monitoring new players, models, practices and innovations and continuously assessing market trends. Three specialised units carry out this work: l’Echangeur, our market intelligence center applying technological and marketing innovations to retail commerce and lObservatoire Cetelem (performing economic studies for the consumer and automotive segments) and L’oeil (analysing emerging micro-trends in consumption).

Why become a partner

We help you develop your sales and margin, as well as build customer loyalty.

We provide a full range of financing solutions, adapted to the resources and lifestyles of consumers.

Our advantages for you:




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Sustainable Procurement and Supplier Relations Charter

BNP Paribas is signatory of the Sustainable Procurement and Supplier Relations Charter, overseen by the Business Mediation Department of the French Ministry of the Economy and Finances and have appointed an independent procurement ombudsman:

In-house Ombudsman



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