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Yann Carré – Decathlon (English Version) : The emergence of Sport As A Use

14 December 2022
28min 53s

How to enable more responsible and more sustainable consumption when you are a giant in the distribution of sports products?



This is one of the questions answered by Yann Carré, Leader of Rental Experiences at Decathlon, based on the company’s mission, which is to “make the benefits of sport accessible to as many people as possible”.



While the notions of SAAS (Software As A Service) are now well known and understood, transposing them to capital goods, particularly sports equipment, is a major challenge. We then speak of Sport As A Use, where use is favored over possession and allows the sports consumer to try out different practices, without investing heavily. This also allows adaptation to the evolution of the level of practice. The brand’s best-selling children’s bike is indeed a very good example. Why buy it when almost every year you have to take a bigger one?


With rental offers, the consumer uses the product for the duration of his choice and returns the product when he no longer needs it. This product is then checked, repaired and re-rented to another customer or sold second-hand at Decathlon.


The benefit is obvious: This greatly increases the cost/use ratio. A product is used more often and the drain on natural resources is greatly reduced since the same product is used more and longer thanks to the repair.



Through this episode of On the Way, Yann shares with us the path followed by his team to create these new offers, the factors that have favored their development and the next steps in Decathlon’s ambitious roadmap on these crucial subjects!


Very good listening!

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