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Clémence Bechu – Agence Bechu & Associés (English Version) : housing inspired by nature for a sustainable city

06 December 2022
32min 31s

In France, heating represents on average 60% of the energy consumption of a home. More generally, beyond heating, energy consumption in the home has a major impact on the environment and it is essential to act to reduce it, or even cancel it. How to face these challenges?


Biomimicry, bio-inspiration, by observing nature, architects and scientists have implemented solutions that allow our homes to become more sustainable in our natural ecosystems. This is what Clémence Bechu, Director of Development and Innovation at the architecture agency Bechu & associés, specializes in the creation and rehabilitation of buildings and which works for urban planning that is more respectful of the ‘environment. We look back on its journey and on the elements which pushed it, on its scale, to act to preserve the planet. From Russia to Morocco, she illustrates her words with concrete examples of real estate projects with bio-inspired and energy-efficient structures.

City versus countryside, it is clear that our lifestyles are changing. According to the World Bank, in 2020 more than 56% of the world population lives in cities and a UN study predicts that this proportion will reach 68% in 2050. Faced with these challenges, the city adapts. Clémence explains to us how the emergence of a hybrid life boosted by teleworking, draws a revolutionized urbanism in which, housing, offices, shops, urban farms, leisure areas are very close and complementary. Recovery of rainwater for watering shared vegetable gardens, optimization of heat flows, use of natural materials, eco-friendly practices … in this episode, Clémence also shares with us the actions and reflexes to adopt to optimize the consumption of her home and live happily at home.

To learn more about the subject, follow the news from Agence Bechu & Associés here.

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