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Valérie Durandy – Nature et Découvertes (English version): Rethinking product design in a more sustainable way

05 April 2023
33min 37s

How can we work every day to reduce the impact of our products and ensure transparency for customers regarding their production, when we are a brand which DNA is respect for the planet?  

Marketing environmentally friendly products is one of the main objectives of Nature et Découvertes, whose raison d’être is to “Choose concrete solutions to accompany the transition to sustainable and committed lifestyles for biodiversity on a daily basis.”  

Through this episode of On The Way, Valérie Durandy, Director of the Offer at Nature et Découvertes, explains us the importance of working to reduce the environmental impact of products and the concrete actions implemented by the teams in this regard.  

To illustrate this, Valérie does not lack examples but it is of these two best seller products that she chooses to tell us about.

The first: the turtle pilot light for children under 3 years old. This product initially contained a large amount of plastic. This material was therefore replaced by recycled plastic, and the fasteners were removed, making it possible to lighten the weight of the object but also to
reduce its impact.  

The second is the polyester plaid. The teams have developed a vacuum system for this product, to market it in this form. Therefore, its size is reduced, which allows to load more per container and thus, to reduce the environmental footprint of this best seller.  

These two examples prove that every step counts. That every action, no matter how simple, has its impact. These two decisions are proof of this, as they have made it possible to make products more sustainable and thus reduce the brand’s carbon footprint.  

Throughout the episode, Valérie shares with us her vision, the history of the brand, and the solutions put in place within Nature et Découvertes to move from words to action and become a true responsible consumer.  

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