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Stacy Algrain – Penser L’après (English Version) : The new generation mobilized for a fairer and more respectful world

21 December 2022
31min 49s

The covid-19 pandemic, punctuated by its successive confinements, has strongly contributed to a return to nature and to raising awareness of the climate issues we must face. This uncertain period has also seen the emergence of very good initiatives, initiated by committed citizens who want to act and be agents of change. This is the case of Stacy Algrain, a student at Sciences Po and activist, whom we were fortunate to have at our microphone, and who in 2020 founded the Think and Do Tank Penser L’après. It was a series of webinars that brought together profiles as varied as Jean Jouzel, eminent paleoclimatologist, Jean-Marc Jancovici, founding partner of Carbone 4 and president of The Shift Project, or Laurence Tubiana, economist and President of the European Climate Foundation. Today, there are now 40 volunteers committed to educating, inspiring and pushing 18-35 year olds to act for an ecological, social and united transition.


While Stacy reflects on her journey and the reasons for her involvement, it is also the voice of a generation that is expressed through her testimony. A generation called “Millennials” who, far from being fatalistic, are bursting with energy to shake things up. Convinced that action must be taken with politicians, Stacy shares with us the challenges of her daily life, her convictions, her dreams and her ambitions to create a better world. Also convinced that it is by informing and educating as many people as possible that things can improve, it is ultimately the process of small steps that can also bear fruit. Indeed, combined with major political actions, if every day a few more citizens move in the right direction for the planet, we will succeed in building a better, more inclusive, more just world and above all more respectful of the environment.

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