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Amélie Dumont – Phenix (English Version) : Reducing food waste and hunger

29 November 2022
25min 48s

Globally, more than a third of food production ends up in the trash. A bitter and unbearable observation when we know that nearly 13% of the world population does not have enough to eat … Food waste is therefore one of the major plagues of the 21st century and represents one of the major challenges to be taken up to feed the whole planet.

Phenixs mission is to meet this challenge, convinced that each waste can find a second life.The start-up saves 120,000 meals and avoids 60 tonnes of waste per day. And because waste has no borders: Phenix exists in 5 countries (France, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Italy) with 27 local agencies.

Amélie Dumont, BtoB Director of the startup, tells us about her journey. From auction rooms to strategy consulting for companies, she explains her quest for meaning, her thirst for sustainability and the elements that have led her to work to promote more responsible consumption.

Very good listening!

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