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“If I had to describe this Data Community in a few words, I’d say knowledge transmission” Sandra Dieude explains the aims of the Data Community she is part of

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Today, data — a term used to refer to information in the IT field — is an essential resource for strategic reflection and companies’ development. It’s not surprising that it is also at the heart of BNP Paribas Personal Finance’s digital transformation.

The mass of information to be processed has only grown with the digitalisation of processes, and consequently, the data employees’ playing field has expanded. The number of employees promoted in this sector has also increased and recruitment in this area is ongoing.

To bring together, harmonise and facilitate discussion between these employees, BNP Paribas Personal Finance set up the Data Community. Out of the 150 data employees present on the 12 different sites in France, 100 have taken part and discuss the latest processes, the use of tools or other news in the sector on a daily basis.

Between themed meetings, conventions or even data coffee mornings, Sandra Dieude, a Marketing Analyst and community member takes a look at the meetings and aims of this Data Community.