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[On The Way] Heïdi Sevestre – The melting of glaciers: it is urgent to consume sustainably

Heïdi, with her contagious passion and expertise, guides us through the hidden secrets of these glaciers. She shares amazing facts about their importance in maintaining the global climate balance.

Did you know?

2 billion people depend on glacier water. Whether to drink, to produce energy, to irrigate crops or even to cool nuclear power plants. Two billion people are likely to be affected by the melting of these ice caps.

But everything is not lost. Indeed, as Heïdi reminds us with great optimism, it is not too late to act.
As you will hear, this episode is much more than just a conversation, it is a call to action for everyone. A call to rethink our relationship to consumption and adopt more sustainable behaviours.

Carbon footprint, sustainable transport, circle of influence… Discover how our daily choices can make a real difference in the fight against global warming and the melting of glaciers.

Whether you are a strong advocate for the environment or simply curious about how you can participate in a more sustainable world; this episode is for you.
Join us on this inspiring journey guided by scientist and adventurer Heïdi Sevestre.

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