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The “Diversité” exhibition on the roads…

The end of year celebrations are here, and it’s a perfect time to remember a beautiful exhibition led by a BNP Paribas Personal Finance collaborator, who traveled the Paris region this fall. Diversity was not just a collection of works of art, it was an artistic celebration of individuality and inclusion.

When Human Diversity meets Artistic Diversity

The project, which had been drawn up as early as the end of 2021, was placed as the central animation of Inclusion Days 2023. 

Four artists from all walks of life came together to give life to this unique figurative exhibition. Céline Achour for painting, CREY132 for graffiti, Yarps for stencil and LudivineG for collage. Each of them chose his human model and interpreted it in his artistic universe, giving life to 16 unique works. 

The project is also fortunate to have an inspiring sponsor, Julie, known on social networks as La Fille qui a des tâches. Advocate of body-positive and self-love, she works daily to change mentalities on the acceptance of self and body.

Official poster made by graffiti artist CREY132

A touring exhibition

What makes this exhibition different, beyond the positive impact? Its itinerant character. It crossed cities, bringing its message of diversity and inclusion to diverse audiences. Each stop was an opportunity to connect with different communities, enriching the experience for visitors and artists alike. 

Building on its success at the beginning of September at Galerie 59 RIVOLI in Paris, you could then find it:

  • From October 02 to October 06, on Unicity,
  • On October 09, in Nanterre Odyssey for the day of their Diversity festival,
  • From October 10 to October 13, on MAC19 thanks to BCEF and CulturAll.


We are proud to see the success of projects with a positive impact of our BNP Paribas Personal Finance employees!

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