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“We are there, and you? Findomestic launches the new eco-responsible credit card”

Since early 2021, Findomestic has begun replacing at maturity and new opening debit or credit cards with PLA cards, a corn-derived materialalternative to current using PVC. This solution is less plastic-intensive and so more environmentally friendlyDonatella Ciambellotti, Card Development Officer at Findomestic tells us more about this great change!

“This project was born from the desire of Findomestic to make its contribution through one of its products, the bank card, to the world of eco-sustainability. Thus, was born the idea of PLA cards, to replace the normal plastic card, material with which are made almost all credit cards, debit cards, etc.” – Donatella Ciambellotti

The initiative shows in practice BNP Paribas Personal Finance commitments written in our Manifesto: “have a neutral impact on the environment and help our customers reduce their environmental footprint”. All this in line with our reason to be “promote access to more responsible and sustainable consumption, to support our customers and partners” and with the program Positive Impact Starts With You

Concretely, PLA is short for “polylactic acid”, a component born from the fermentation of sugars in maize starch. It’s not, of course, the corn we eat! PLA is widely used for environmentally friendly food packaging, because it is bio-degradable.

Using PLA is a beautiful challenge with a positive impact on the planetbecause disposal by incineration emits 84% less toxic gas than PVC. 

Findomestic is a pioneer BNP Paribas Personal Finance’s branch in using this material to make cards, recognizable thanks to the small printed sheet on the back of the card. 

Long term objective is to reduce by 80% the use of PVC for banking card production, in addition to the same durability because PLA cards are tested in different hard conditions and have the same durability than PVC ones. 

By 2024, all the Findomestic’s PVC cards will be fully replaced by PLA ones and will therefore be almost totally ecological (the electronic chip and magnetic tape cannot be substituted in PLA). 

“Our clients know that Findomestic, but I would say the entire BNP Paribas Personal Finance Group, is extremely attentive to the issue of climate change. They know that we are engaged, and I think they expect us to make this commitment more and more obvious. We communicated it to customers through newsletters and on social networks and this news generated great interest and many compliments.” – Donatella Ciambellotti

It is an innovative and meaningful project, which will undoubtedly inspire other BNP Paribas Personal Finance entities around the world and will make it possible to take another step in favor of an environmental respectful life.


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