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At the heart of innovation with AI Pairing Model, straight from Poland!

Discover the latest AI matching model straight from Poland, designed to improve customer satisfaction and reduce call processing time. After a two-year collaboration between Personal Finance Central and Personal Finance Polish operations team, this innovative project uses technology for a more personalized customer approach.

I am very proud to share with you this joint achievement of our Operations teams BNP Paribas Polska – BU PF, accompanied by Yana Kirilova our after-sales service expert. This is probably the first time that the BNP Paribas Group has used such an advanced model of artificial intelligence to assign a client to the agent with the best profile depending on its needs. It’s very innovative, and the measured results demonstrate success.

Claire Lauzeral
Head of Operations – Deputy COO

The AlPairing model targets the improvement of customer satisfaction and the efficiency of call management based on personality. By combining artificial intelligence, machine learning and speech-to-text technology, he ideally assigns each client to an agent who shares similar personality traits.

At the heart of this model, the application of the Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI) makes it possible to categorize the personality of agents, promoting a thorough understanding of human interactions and improving communication.

For clients, the model uses the concept of formality of language expressions to discern their personality from the first contact. The results are remarkable: reduction in call duration, benefiting customers by minimizing wait times and improving service efficiency. Polish customer satisfaction also rose significantly.

Congratulations to the teams for this successful project, bringing Poland closer to its customers. This success earned Poland the prestigious innovation award with the provider of Speech Analytics!

Pairing allows me to better understand needs of Customers and to communicate with them more efficiently.

Patryk Wilczek
Customer adviser

Customer-Agent Pairing Model is an innovative way to provide personalized Customer Experience in Contact Center. It allows us to answer our Customers’ needs more efficiently and improve satisfaction of our Customers and Employees based on natural communication patterns.

Agnieszka Graczyk
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