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The Pink Month : celebrating hope together

What is the Pink Month?

Every year, October is an opportunity to raise awareness about breast cancer. People wear pink and the little ribbons of the same color bloom everywhere as a symbol of support for this cause that concerns us all. Throughout the month, many initiatives are being taken around the globe to highlight the importance of early detection, support people affected by the disease and raise funds for research.

Three committed and inspiring internal projects

It is in this context that, at BNP Paribas Personal Finance, various initiatives came to light.

  • Self-palpation workshops
  • The “Diversité” exhibition

Four artists came together to bring this unique figurative exhibition of 16 works to life. Céline Achour for painting, CREY132 for graffiti, Yarps for stenciling and LudivineG for collage.
This project can count on the support of an inspirational patron, Julie, known on social media as La Fille qui a des tâches. She is a fervent advocate of body positivity and self-love. She works every day to change attitudes to self-acceptance and body acceptance.

  • “Prends sein de toi !”, the inspiring creativity of BNP Paribas Personal Finance people

CRC RVO of France staff members gathered to present a virtual collective exhibition full of creativity and commitment. This project brought together no less than 70 employees who wanted to contribute to the cause.

Supporting research against breast cancer

Since 2003, the association Ruban Rose has donated nearly €8 million to 98 research projects or associations, making it a major player in the world of breast cancer research. This year, the Pink Ribbon Award has reached a record €1,850,000 for 10 breast cancer research projects.

If you would like to donate to breast cancer research

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