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Improving financial inclusion by facilitating access to consumption for young people

When you’re young, your head is full of projects! Many projects that are often structuring for the future, but not large financial capacities to carry them out… This is the case, for example, when you want to pass your driver’s licence, or to upgrade your student housing.

In line with its raison d’être, BNP Paribas Personal Finance aims to improve financial inclusion and thus to allow access to financial services to as many people as possible. To this end, our Belgian teams have set up a new offering that meets the financial needs of young people and allows them to improve their understanding of major banking principles. Focus on the Be Free project!

Be Free: the financial inclusion project for young people

The Be Free offer, developed by AlphaCredit in Belgium in 2022, is aimed at young people and aims to offer them more autonomy, a value that is particularly dear to them, through two funding packages for expenses related to their studies or mobility

Sabine Liénard and Pauline Sandron, who led the Be Free project, explain their approach:

The communication around this offer

Kathlyn Declau Marketing Campaign Manager, highlights the challenges that AlphaCredit teams have faced. Indeed, the communication issue around this offer was huge, to address young people in an original way, using their codes, their words, but also their favorite channels such as the social network Instagram, in order to convey messages that appeal to them

Thus, this campaign responds to our desire to position ourselves as a trusted partner for these important moments in the lives of young people, while providing them with all the tools to improve their knowledge of the world of credit. By enabling them to understand financial products, they can make informed decisions.

Et après ?

In 2023, AlphaCredit will further contribute to a more sustainable economy. That is why one of our priorities is to have an impact on the four pillars of sustainable finance: energy transition, mobility, the circular economy and financial inclusion.
The inclusion of young people is particularly important to us, offering them specific financial services through our Direct distribution channel, that is to say via the website, initially.
Leur offrir une première expérience po Providing them with a positive and responsible credit first experience is very important for both AlphaCredit and this segment.

Philippe Bézieau
CEO of AlphaCredit
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