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Already 4 years of collaboration with the Louis Bachelier Institute to make the most of data!

And yes, you may not have known, in 2019 we partnered with the French research institute Louis Bachelier to challenge our models by relying on a team of outstanding R&D and researchers !

This academic partnership allows us to explore, analyze and understand data in order to improve our processes, such as the acceptance, for more financial inclusion, one of the commitments of our manifesto.

Natacha Baumann, Head of Data Strategy and Deputy CDO, accompanied by Louis Boulanger, Director of ILB Labs at the Louis Bachelier Institute, explain the foundations of this partnership, how it works and the mutual benefits that flow from it.
This work with the Louis Bachelier Institute also includes a sustainable development component,  as Véronique Berthout, Head of Corporate Engagement, explains that we work with experts on Net Zero scenarios in our automotive portfolio.  

Of course, when it comes to applied research, the avenues of “value creation” are theoretically unlimited, and that is also what contributes to the richness of this partnership. Indeed, the future offers us a very inspiring and stimulating field of exploration for our teams and those of the institute !

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