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3 countries, 2 brands, 1 mission : THINK AHEAD !

Can you imagine the complexity of harmonizing two brands, in three different markets, while offering a consistent customer experience ? This is precisely the ambitious challenge that Jenny Gaffner and Lisbeth Bjerre Sanderhoff, members of the marketing team at BNP Paribas Personal Finance Nordics, have taken up.

Thanks to their close collaboration with the Nørgård Mikkelsen agency and the support of their colleagues, they were able to identify common interests within the company and design this innovative concept of communication for customers and the company : THINK AHEAD, thus aligning 2 brands Express Bank (Denmark and Norway) and SevenDay Bank (Sweden).

But concretely, what is it?

Lisbeth Bjerre Sanderhoff explains, “The goal of this concept and communication strategy is to improve the perception of our value by customers, to differentiate ourselves from our competitors in the consumer credit market.

Think Ahead illustrates a change in our customer communication strategy. We thus abandon commercial messages that rely only on the evocation of dreams and solutions to achieve them.

Consumers in the Nordic countries are looking for confidence when it comes to their financial services and they want to be sure they are making the right decisions. At BNP Paribas Personal Finance, we are not motivated by the short term. We seek optimal long-term solutions for each client. This approach is not just a communication approach, it is a commercial approach!

Meet Jenny and Lisbeth and discover the story behind THINK AHEAD and watch the film, which illustrates the essence of the concept.

Future-oriented lending and a stronger brand

Our messages focus on the lending process, highlighting long-term interests for clients. This strengthens our brand image by explaining our identity, our values and the reasons for choosing us. The THINK AHEAD concept is promoted through TV ads, radio spots and online advertising, and you can watch the new Nordic ad here :

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