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Sylvie Borias – Bel Group (English version): A commitment to more sustainable food!

17 Juin 2024
25min 46s

On The Way this week: Sylvie Borias, Director of Engagement & CSR at Bel Group.

Did you know that?
Today, the agri-food sector is responsible for one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions.

In this context, the Bel group has been committed for many years to developing access to healthier and more sustainable food for all.

On the menu of this captivating story:

  • Sylvie’s ecological journey and click

  • The sustainable revolution underway at Groupe Bel for several years: anti-waste portions, plant alternatives, fair compensation for producers…

  • Effective advice now and easily for a healthier and more responsible diet

Fair portions and plant alternatives for a preserved planet

Groupe Bel’s commitment to a more sustainable and healthy food sector is expressed through numerous concrete initiatives:

  • Favour individual portions to limit surpluses and prevent them from ending up in the trash. The objective is to offer products whose quantities are nutritionally adapted to the real needs of consumers, which respect the environment and remain accessible to the greatest number

  • Supporting the development of more sustainable agricultural practices

  • Develop tasty and innovative plant alternatives

An influence that goes beyond borders

Bel Group initiatives are not limited to French borders. The group deploys its actions on a European and global scale, thus contributing to an international impact of its commitment actions.

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