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Juan Luis Cabeza – Social Energy (English version): Businesses and positive impact on society

14 Mars 2024
19min 00s

For this episode we head to Spain. Our teams in Madrid had the chance to interview Juan Luis Cabeza, CEO of Social Energy, a company specialized in Solar Panels. He has been involved in the entrepreneurship world since the age of 15, when he started his first business. His main drive is to build businesses that create wealth and share it with others. He strongly believes that in the 21st century, entrepreneurs and companies should take on responsibility and create a whole new business model where people come first.


In this episode, Jose Luis opens up about his environmental awakening, his journey as an entrepreneur, and how Social Energy started. Right from the beginning, they’ve strongly believe that people can be self-sufficient in energy, with a deep commitment to social responsibility.


At Social Energy, while environmental concerns hold significant weight, the social dimension is equally crucial. Many employees come from backgrounds marked by challenges and difficult living conditions. That’s why the company supports them by helping them to learn valuable skills and give them chances to do well both at work and in their personal lives.

A very inspiring testimonial by a charismatic CEO !


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