Business Finance simplifies cars purchasing through Cetelem financing

● and Cetelem (BNP Paribas Personal Finance Bucharest Branch) support potential buyers to obtain a personal loan up to 225,000 lei without guarantees for the purchase of a new or used car;

● The loans have fixed interest rates and fixed installments throughout the contract, and Cetelem thus promoting responsible financing, and the amount granted and the monthly rate are established together with the client, depending on his budget;

● users can simulate the value and duration of the loan and fill in a contact form directly on the site, and will be contacted within 24 hours for financial approval;

● The credit offer is tailored to the needs of each client, representing a transparent, requested, and appreciated commitment by the users of the largest online car advertising platform;

● According to Cetelem data, the average value contracted by customers for a car loan is approximately 8,000 euros.

Bucharest, 11 April 2022 supports the users of the largest online car advertising platform and offers the possibility to access a loan for the purchase of a new or used car in transparent conditions, through a partnership with Cetelem. Clients must be between 18 and 70 years old and have the last three consecutive months with the same employer. The loan can also be accessed by self-employed persons or retirees.

Through this partnership, and Cetelem facilitate access to personal loans with fixed rates for purchasing cars, transforming the largest online platform for car ads into a provider of complete financial solutions for car buying.

"In the current economic and geo-political context, people need financial stability, predictability, specialized help. is more than a car platform, it is also a reliable partner for our users and we want to provide them with as many tools as possible to make correct and appropriate decisions for their needs. That's why we offered them the opportunity to check the history of a car directly on our website or to access a personal loan with fixed rates for its purchase. Information is power and we really want users to know the whole story of their car and how to get it ", said Sorin Balan - Head of Operations & OLX Motors.

The advantages of a Cetelem car loan accessed directly through the platform, involve zero advance payment and analysis fee and fixed rates during the loan period. The credit is flexible, adapted to the budget, and the duration of the contract is between 6 and 60 months, with the possibility of early closure. The car is registered directly in the name of the loan applicant. At the same time, through this partnership customers have access to complete financial services, through the Cetelem credit card which they can use for the purchase of car products and accessories or for car service.

"We are pleased to offer customers a new opportunity to finance personal projects through credit products offered by our bank. By collaborating with Autovit, the largest online car ad platform in Romania, we continue to facilitate access to transparent, fixed-interest rate credits. We offer clients the opportunity to carry out their projects responsibly, helping them to efficiently and predictably manage their budget from the first to the last month of the loan. In addition, financial products can be accessed quickly, from the comfort of your own home, by phone or online without the need for time-consuming meets", said Liviu Purcărea, Sales and Commercial Development Director BNP Paribas Personal Finance Bucharest Branch. has created a special page on their website where users can simulate the value and duration of the loan and fill out a contact form in order to be contacted within 24 hours by a Cetelem consultant for financial approval. The contact form can be accessed here: has a large volume of offers available on the site (, over 35,000 active car ads every month, over 3 million visitors and over 1,000 car dealers present on the platform. BNP Paribas Personal Finance - Cetelem offers specialized assistance and advice, personal loans for the purchase of cars, credit cards for service and car accessories, analysis, and quick response for each file submitted.

According to the bank data, the characteristics of the customer who purchases a car through personal loan define a mature client, aged 40, from the urban environment, male, married, with secondary or higher education, above-average income, owner of his own home or living in a multi-generational home. The average value contracted by customers for a car loan is approximately 8,000 euros.


The new partnership with Autovit consolidates BNP Paribas Personal Finance - Cetelem's position as a top player in the Romanian consumer credit market, adding new values ​​through diversification and potential. and BNP Paribas Personal Finance encourage smart and well-documented financial decisions and provide all the necessary resources for informed choices when it comes to buying a car.

In 2021, the imported second-hand cars market has grown, and domestic second-hand car transactions have had the best year in history.