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“At the Digital Lab and the Digital Factory, we are lucky to have a huge playground in terms of innovation projects”

Digital plays a predominant role in our lives. In terms of innovation, it has opened up the field of possibilities and contributes to making our daily lives easier.

The new technologies that are used for these innovations can be applied to different areas of activity. In this way, innovation gains even more weight and can be used by as many people as possible. 

The Digital Lab intervenes to advance on futures innovations using the test & learn method. They identify, for example, with marketing or sales teams, a point of friction in the process. They conceptualize a solution and then develop it very quickly using agile methods in order to test it and confirm that the proposed solution meets the initially identified need.  

As Julien Girault, head of the Digital lab, explains, their mission is to release in less than 3 months, a solution to facilitate the customer experience or propose a new pivot business. 

Then it is the Digital Factory’s turn to intervene. As Christophe Chéreau, its manager, explains, after the tests carried out by the Digital lab, if the solution is considered viable, then the Digital Factory will develop it on a larger scale and industrialize it but while working with short implementation times.

Together, they review their respective missions and the complementarity of these two teams.

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