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“By enabling me to take this training, the company opened up a whole field of possibilities” Stéphanie took a course that enabled her to work in the world of Data

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When one mentions the world of data, you often have an image of a complexe and difficult to understand world. But the reality is not as clear-cut. The world of Data is very open and remains accessible to all.

In the digitalisation era, people with a Data background are of interest to all companies with a large amount of data to process concerning their customers.

With 27 million customers across the world, BNP Paribas Personal Finance makes a point of recruiting the best candidates in this field so that personal information is processed with the greatest care. On top of external recruitment campaigns, many employees want to learn about this world so they can retrain for related roles. Thanks to upskilling courses, this is possible.

Stéphanie is a perfect example. While she was not working in this sector, she wanted to find out about it. With her managers’ support, she took a 5-week course with the SAS Academy, and was able to make the transfer she wanted to these Data roles.

Today she is member of the BNP Paribas Personal Finance Data Community and looks back over the benefits from the training she took that “opened up a field of possibilities”.