Job Innovation

“For a curious person like me, the biggest motivation is undoubtedly the opportunity to observe reality with the Observatory's magnifying glass!”

Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

I’m Rosita Landolfi, I’ve been working at Findomestic since 2017. I’m part of the Communication department and the Observatory Cetelem team in Italy (Obsservatorio Findomestic).

More specifically, what is your job at Osservatorio Findomestic?

With Claudio Bardazzi, we identify topics and consumer trends to study, then we present our results in an instructive and eye-catching way for our partners, our community and the press.

Afterwards, there is a real focus on the communication aspect to highlight our studies: I post on our intranet Echonet, I edit and update the website, I create documents and images in order to post on social media.

What are the different studies?

We carry out various studies, in terms of form and content:

• The Observatory of Durable goods consumption: it introduces the trends of the main durable goods markets.

• The monthly observatory: it includes a fixed part, the Barometer with which we keep track of consumer purchase intentions, and the Focus with which we specifically study consumers and their buying behaviours.
With its innovative formats, content and communication, the monthly observatory is probably the most dynamic study! We made two new communication formats and assets this year: the video summary and the carousel, especially suitable for social media.

The international studies, the automotive observatory, the European observatory: they are made by BNP Paribas Personal Finance and shared all over the countries.

Last year, we braved the health crisis by turning an issue into an opportunity... Take for example our digital platform originally designed to manage invitations! We turned it into a channel from which our partners could upload new content, forecast studies and research. In a matter of weeks, nearly 1,000 people signed up and the platform has proven to be a very handy tool to keep in touch.

More specifically, we also help some of our partners in the organization of strategic meetings, by participating as speakers at events or by carrying out surveys.

The Observatory is present in a dozen countries. Why do you think it is crucial to be present in the world?

In a world where everything changes rapidly but at different speeds, it is important to have tools that allow us to observe and understand the changes and developments that have a direct and/or indirect impact on our core business.

For a global company like ours, having these "observation points" located in different countries means having the opportunity to observe different phenomena from a 360° perspective, taking into account the specific characteristics of each environment. Thus, we can understand why, in some places, one initiative may work better than another. It is important to us to listen to the voice of consumers and to understand the reality of the countries in which we operate.