"Being a good person was not enough for me, I wanted to help those who needed it the most"

Chiara Cavalli, Area Manager at Findomestic, tells us about her strong commitment to help disadvantaged populations in Haïti and Calcutta.

Discover her poignant double life.

"In my private life, the desire to discover new realities accompanies me every day."

Chiara Cavalli

I also experience these values and approaches daily in my work: optimizing resources, working as a team, solving problems, including and developing the talents of my employees.

I would say that I lead much more than a double life, I like to think that "I’m moving forward".

Chiara Cavalli

Yes... my days are absolutely full! But each new challenge does not deprive me of energy, on the contrary, it gives me even more, gratifies me and makes me feel alive.

Chiara Cavalli

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