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Our Manifesto in action • « This project aims to protect our clients against domestic banking violence, a not very well-known manifestation of economic violence. »

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Still not very well-known today, domestic banking violence is a widespread form of economic violence. Paola Vieira, in charge of strategic projects in the Sales and Marketing Department at BNP Paribas Personal Finance, presents her project to protect clients against domestic banking violence. Incubated at BNP Paribas’s People’s Lab 4 Good, it was introduced to numerous employees as well as members of the Group's Executive committee, including Bertrand Cizeau, Antoine Sire and Sofia Merlo.

What is economic violence?

Any act aimed at deprivation of financial resources or maintaining dependency. Two examples: the subscription of a consumer credit by one of the spouses without the consent of the other spouse, or an opposition to the means of payment by one of the spouses without the knowledge of the other spouse.

Discover the story and the next steps of Paola Vieira's project in the video above.