Déployons nos Elles Numériques programme: “Empowerment through knowledge is a great opportunity for young people”

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Christian,  Digital Transformation Project Manager for BNP Paribas Personal Finance, tells us all about his work with the Déployons nos Elles Numériques programme.

Gender parity in digital careers has been on the decline for over twenty years. Today, only 33% of employees in the field are women: it is 11% in cybersecurity and 27%* in coding.

At BNP Paribas Personal Finance we are working to promote e-inclusion, and that is why in addition to our day-to-day actions in this area, we decided to take part in the “Déployons nos Elles Numériques” [activating women’s digital potential] project developed by the Les Entreprises pour la Cité network we belong to.

An active initiative with multiple goals that combines exploration and education

Several times each year we give our employees the chance to take part in this experience, either by visiting schools to talk to young people about digital careers or by bringing school groups to our offices to raise awareness about this issue and show them how important digital technologies are to our business.

Christian Yombe,  Digital Transformation Project Manager for BNP Paribas Personal Finance, was interested in taking part in the “Déployons nos Elles Numériques” programme at the secondary school in Sevran he once attended.

He tells us all about his incredible experience.

*Figures from the femmes@numérique website