“It’s such an incredible adventure where we go through so much together” Aurélien Prévost talks about participating in the CentraleSupélec trek

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Between corporate open houses and special shows, opportunities for professionals and students to meet each other are usually quite formal.

To go against the grain, the prestigious CentraleSupélec engineering school has organised a trek for the past 21 years that offers a sporting challenge and the opportunity to meet professionals from diverse industries.
The experience takes place in two stages: the first is in February on the CentraleSupélec campus, closest to the students. Then, at the end of April, there is a multi-sport travelling trek (trail running, mountain biking, orienteering and canyoning).

For his final participation, Aurélien Prévost was the captain of the BNP Paribas team. He takes us back to the 2019 edition in the Netherlands, which featured good times, many challenges and collective victory, and tells us why this type of event reflects the group’s values.