[Les zOOms de l'Observatoire Cetelem] How do French consumers envisage the future?

The full results of this survey can be found in the report and the analysis note. All the information can be downloaded from the Cetelem Observatory website.

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About the Cetelem Observatory

Created in 1985, the Cetelem Observatory is a research and economic intelligence structure of the BNPParibas Personal Finance group, headed by Flavien Neuvy.
In a period of profound change in trade and consumption patterns, the ObservatoireCetelem's mission is to understand changes in consumption. To meet this requirement, the Cetelem Observatory has set up an observation and analysis system based on the diversity and complementarity of content with :

- The Observatories: 2 annual reference studies for the general public carried out on an international level, one on the automobile at a global level (15 countries), the other on consumption at a European level (15 countries).

- L'Œil, les nouveaux faits de consommation à la loupe, identifies the micro-facts that prefigure innovations and significant changes in consumption.

- Les zOOms, les modes de vie en vue, proposes to explore a major theme (housing, sport, education, culture, the body...) in 3 stages, soliciting the opinion of the French through 3 waves of surveys. | @obs_cetelem