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“The Findomestic Forest, is a concrete contribution to environmental sustainability”

Environmental issues are at the heart of actual concerns. This is one of the goals that BNP Paribas Personal Finance aims to achieve, by supporting its customers, employees and partner towards the energy transition.  

In Italy, Findomestic launched with the creation of the Findomestic Forest. A green initiative that involves planting trees to reduce CO2 emissions, fight against deforestation, and promote local entrepreneurship. A way to establish this corporate commitment in favor of the environment and social responsibility.

The implementation of this action is the result of collaboration, first of all internal teams from all departments, then of customers and partners, because positive impact on the environment is everyone’s business!

In concrete terms, Findomestic has entered into a partnership with Treedom, an external platform that makes it possible to manage the logistical aspects (choice of the tree, harvest of donations, follow-up of the life of the tree), to begin this reforestation. Each agro-forestry project has two missions: environmental and social. Treedom directly finances small agroforestry projects spread over the Italian territory. The philosophy is to achieve sustainable ecosystems and allow micro-enterprises to meet the initial costs of planting new trees. The produce derived from trees is destined to the cooperatives / farmers, that collaborate with us on this project and receive training, work and income. As a bonus, the initiative is digital: everything that is planted can be tracked online by Findomestic customers and employees!

Customers and partners appreciate the fact that with Findomestic, they are participating in reforestation in Italy, or at least one step closer to helping the environment. For employees, every year during the European Mobility Week, they are invited by Findomestic to limit polluting journeys. Their investment is rewarded, for example, in 2020, 200 trees were added to the Forest following this challenge.

The Findomestic Forest is 1,750 trees planted in Sicily in 2019, 1,000 in Campania and Basilica in 2020. For this new year 2021, the project continues with the purchase, in January, of 100 oaks in Basilica. Next spring, we will have the opportunity to see the initiative expand, since it will be launched in other regions of Italy.

Adriana MorettiCSR Manager at Findomestic, presents the Findomestic Forest and its environmental and social impacts!


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