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“Anne leads a double life: between her job as Digital Marketing Manager and her career as a Painter

Anne is Digital Marketing Manager in the Sales and Marketing Department. Its mission is to optimize BNP Paribas Personal Finance’s commercial websites and mobile apps in order to best meet customer expectations and promote the Group’s digital products and services for two countries: France and Italy!

In parallel with this already very engaging life, she leads a career as a Painter. In addition to her training in Finance at Paris Dauphine University, she trained in Plastic Arts to live her passion.

“I’ve always had these two careers in parallel. And now, I’ve been exhibiting for more than 15 years regularly in galleries and art centers in France and abroad. At the moment, I have a studio in an artist residence in Clichy where we are 200 French and international artists. This is an opportunity for me to develop new projects and more generally to share with other artists.” – Anne

For her works, she finds inspiration outside her studio, especially in nature, by walking. At these moments, she captures the lights, the atmosphere, and the history of each place it explores. Then, after having collected this material, she restores it in the studio, through an abstract and minimalist painting, which transcribes sensations and memories of these moments. She sometimes associates her paintings with photos and videos, which directly reflect what she saw and heard on this walking time.

In his creative approach, there are finally two times: that of the concrete and immersive experience of the landscape, and the time of the workshop.

Behind the subject of landscape, his artistic approach opens up several paths for reflection on social topics, including ecology. Artists can, according to her, give a more poetic and narrative speech on environmental issues: the carbon footprint, global warming… Therefore, be an artist is not only to produce beauty, it’s also highlight its values, to share, raise awareness and push to act.

Anne’s two activities allow her to feed different aspects of her personality and offer her the opportunity to express herself in two distinct environments. For her, the fundamental point that links these two activities is her taste to transform an idea into a concrete realization.

Anne can devote the necessary time to her artistic career because 12 years ago, her manager at BNP Paribas Personal Finance gave her a working time arrangement, a caring way of supporting his colleague in its realization.

“With flexibility, organization and commitment it works very well daily and in the long term. Everything is going well, and teams continue to trust me by giving me ambitious and exciting projects. My two activities allow me to express myself, to engage and to develop professionally and personally.” – Anne

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